The Super Value Discount Card

   The Super Value Discount Card is your best value in dry cleaning because it saves you money every time you dry clean!


   Each card can save you as much as $140 or more in much as 50% with no limits! *

Here's how it works...

   There are 3 kinds of dry cleaning discounts on the card. When you drop your clothes off, you choose which discount to use, the cleaner punches it out and you save on that dry cleaning order.

  •  Pick one $5 square and get $5 off your whole dry cleaning order, with No Minimum ...  ($6 order? ... You'll pay $1.) 
  •  Pick one $2 square and get $2 off EACH ITEM ...  (Bring in 5 items... get $10 off,     ... bring 10 items... get $20 off,    ... 20 items... get $40 off      ... and so on.)
  •  Pick one 50% square and your entire order will be 50% OFF    ... with NO LIMIT! ...  (You  could save hundreds with this one discount alone!)

   Plus...  You get a bonus 20% off on any shirt laundry you bring in whenever you punch just one dry cleaning discount square as above. 

So you see there are many ways to save money with your

Super Value Discount Card. 

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*(NOTE: Discounts may vary from cleaner to cleaner and cards can change at any time.) 


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